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While in the seminary, I remember comments made by instructors that implied that priests who transitioned out of ministry did so because they lost their faith. But, this is not true. Most priests who leave have not lost their faith but left in response to their faith. For most, leaving the priesthood was a necessary step in the maturing of their faith. 

Transitioned priests found that within Catholicism faith in God is secondary.  The main object of faith in which one (especially a priest) is expected to give their mental assent is ecclesiastical dogma. Because Catholicism is presently controlled (nota bene: this was written pre Pope Francis) by leaders who have embraced Catholic fundamentalism, this object of faith is becoming more clearly defined. Finding freedom from religious oppression entails discovering a belief system where the oppressing agent is no longer empowered and one has an unmediated access to God.  Below you will find articles helpful in developing faith that is robust, yet not defined by an institution whose ultimate goal is control.
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Articles of Interest
Pope Francis / Reform:
Priests' Mistresses: "Don't Forget About Us"
Twenty Quotes from Pope Francis - The Poor, Women, 
Immigrants and Savage Capitalism
Sex and the Single Priest
Pope's Stunning Critique of Capitalism
Catholic Bishops Challenged
Religion vs Ideology
The Joy of the Gospel

Other Articles
The Great Emergence: Part Three - A Century of Emergence
Narcissism in the Pulpit
Religion and the Acceptance of Death
An Allegorical Reading of Genesis 1:1 – 11:26 by Ray Backes
Peter's Wife - An invitation for women who love priests
A Comparison between the Penn. State and Catholic Church Sex Abuse Crises

An Intelligent Response to the Bishop's Whining about contraception and religious freedom
Theology of Priesthood Behind Sex Abuse Crisis
Letter to a Protestant Evangelical
Intelligence Study Links Low I.Q. To Prejudice, Racism, Conservatism
Biblical Fraud
The Bible and Homosexuality

A Cohort of Married Roman Catholic Priests
For Priests' Wives, a Word of Caution
An Adult at Christmas
In Search for Freedom by Anthony Padovano
Fear-Based Church. Why So Many Catholics Are Afraid to Speak Out.
Men of the Same Cloth? Old Priests vs. New Priests
The Psychology of Christian Fundamentalism

An Emerging Understanding of Christianity
The Unraveling of Christianity
Why Remain Christian
Stages of Faith Development
Born a Sinner?
Religion and Acceptance of Death
Encouragement for those disappointed with the Church

My First Lover
Conservative Christianity Driving a Generation Away from Religion
Why Our Priests Remain Silent
Hans Kung Open Letter to Bishops
Judge Not
Anti-Muslem America - The Meaning of Our Current Anger

Worship and Power
A Portland Priest's Journey Out of Catholic Priesthood
A Hierarchy Deeply Damaged from Within
Celibacy and Clerical Culture
The Disappointing Pontificate of Pope Benedict
Richard Sipe on Clergy Sex Abuse

The Trouble with Celibacy
A Woman's Place is in the Church
Priest's Letter of Resignation
The Pope, Celibacy and Sexual Abuse
S.O.S for Today's Church
Benedict’s Revolution: The Return of the Old Latin Mass

A New Theology of Divorce
Canterbury and Rome: Ecclesiastical Kindergarten Games
How Can Any Normal Priest after 40 or 50 Years Not Fall in Love?
The Nuns' Story
The Sin of Falling in Love
The Pope, Conservative Anglicans and the Modern World
Vatican Welcomes Homophobic Anglicans

A Mother, a Sick Son and a Priest
An Open Letter to Cardinal Hummes on the Laicization Process
Jesus' Health Care Plan
Alternate Thoughts for this Year of the Priest
Son Finds Out His Father is a Priest
Reflections on the Year of Priests
Religion and Fear

The Indelible Mark
Celibacy and Suicide
The Bishop's Dispiried Agenda
Watching the Demise of a Great Institution
Why Our Children Might Not Follow Us

The Celibate Addiction
Trying to Judge Others No More
Resigned Priests: Caste, Taboo and Power
To the Pope - Be Catholic!
Pope Benedict Embraces the Far Right Fringe
Half the Priests in Poland Prefer to Marry
Mandatory Celibacy in the Sixteenth Century
The End of Christendom

The Hierarchy's War on Women
LCWR Past Presidents Reflect on Vatican Mandate
Vatican Hegemonism Targets America and American Nuns (Part One)
Vatican Hegemonism Targets America and American Nuns  Part Two)
Vatican Hegemonism Targets America and American Nuns (Part Three)
Does Anyone Around Here Know How to Run a Church?
CNN Amanpour: Straying from the Vatican Line
Vatican Assessment of LCWR Is About Fear, Not Doctrine
Nuns On A Bus

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